Click Here to see a screenshot of the online poll conducted by CTV's Canada AM on Wednesday, January 23, 2001. It clearly shows a vast majority of people disagree with a smoking ban in all public places. (Poll results are as of 4:30 PM EST.)

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January 17, 2002 Press Release
This organization was formed in order to unite those whose businesses will be directly, or indirectly affected by the proposed (and now passed) bylaw which will prevent smoking in any public place, regardless of steps taken to provide adequate (and in some cases more than adequate) ventilation. Presently we have 160 bars and pubs as members, and our numbers are growing daily.

We are very concerned that the city is using our tax dollars to effectively diminish and perhaps completely ruin our businesses. We will be examining the possibility with all the landlords of all affected properties of withholding the property tax until this matter is placed in a study that will explore all possibilities of obtaining the desired results without the economic hardships. While it is true, this type of analysis would be somewhat time consuming, is this type of consideration not what you pay the city for with your hard earned tax dollars?

We have been given all kinds assurances as to how this bylaw should pose no permanent threat to Ottawa businesses, but the fact remains that there has never been any long term economic impact study performed on this subject in this country.

Although we are obviously concerned with how this bylaw will affect our businesses, we are also very troubled by the fact that the City of Ottawa has made this decision for the you the public, without taking into consideration the rights of everybody, instead of what they consider to be the political majority.

It is important to note that we do not wish to alienate any segment of the population, but by standing up for our rights at this time, we wish to emphasize the importance of all people's rights when it comes to such matters.

We hope to rally the support of those in the community who are tired of having the City of Ottawa casually dismiss their rights, without taking everyone into consideration before arriving such decisions.

You will find an online forum on this site where you can feel free to express your opinions on this topic, and respond to others. We invite you to share your thoughts on this issue through this forum, or by contacting us directly.