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P.U.B.C.O. Presents: The 3 R`s


I know you are thinking that School is almost out for the summer, but this is one lesson that cannot be overlooked. This bylaw is hurting our businesses. We know it and we want everyone else to know it.

This campaign has two objectives: Awareness and Fundraising.
PUBCO has committed $90,000.00 to date to take our case to Toronto on May 28th. It is imperative we stay ahead of our bills to allow for a flexible strategy.

Get the word out with the RULERS

A tough year has us all beating our heads against the wall. Pub and Bar owners, staff and patrons alike, are still not happy with the 100% smoking ban in Ottawa. Coming up on the one-year anniversary of the ban, it is time to give our supporters a chance to have their feelings known.
The `Don`t be a Fool, It`s time to change this rule` cardboard rulers will be dropped off to your business by your Ward Captains in the next week or so, if not already. A ruler may be purchased by a patron, for a `toonie` and posted in your bar up until the rally on May 5th. On Rally day, lead your staff and your customers to City Hall carrying their rulers. We have picked a sunny Sunday, May 5th, 2002 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. to Rally at City hall in recognition that this bylaw has been in effect for one dreadful year. Ask your suppliers to come to the Rally and circle City Hall with their trucks. If the bylaw is hurting you, it is hurting them too. (Ward Captains will be around to collect the funds you have raised to augment our legal battle.)

Some of the bars have already received their packages and so far the support has been incredible.

Join us at the RACETRACK SLOTS

PUBCO has arranged three, 4-hour trips to the Racetrack Slots. This affordable afternoon or evening at the slots is designed to provide a unique event for your bar. You may participate in one or as many as you can fill. In order to participate, your bar must sign up a minimum of 25 patrons to go to the slots. With 25 you will get a bus at your location to pick up your crew. Put back some hospitality into the hospitality business by being the host with your customers.
For $25, the customer receives $47 dollars worth of value for the first trip and $57 for subsequent trips. (See pamphlet enclosed) For each person going, PUBCO makes $8.50, which is raised through a group discount available only to exclusive agents for the Racetrack Slots.
To Participate - Call Grant Yusak at 523-9009. If you don`t get 25 people, maybe you can team up with another bar close-by. Unfortunately, the bus will only stop at one location.

Come to the RALLY

WHY: Show up!! Be heard!! We can`t do it for you. You must Show your discontent. We all need each other, now!

WHERE: Ottawa City Hall 111 Lisgar Street (outside City Hall Entrance, on Lisgar.)

WHEN: Sunday, May 5th, 2002, 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

WHO: Owners, staff, suppliers, patrons. March to city hall or rent a bus and charge a toonie. Close your business! If 170 PUBCO businesses closed for two hours, it will make an incredible statement.

WHAT: Bring your rulers!!