The Pub and Bar Coalition of Ontario (PUBCO)

When the New City of Ottawa decided in its wisdom to push through a bylaw restricting the legal rights of businesses in Ottawa, a concerned group of individual Bar, Pub, Restaurant and affiliated businesses took offense and tried to request that the City of Ottawa reflect on their proposal to prohibit smoking in Ottawa.

Each individual did what they thought was in their best interests. They contacted organizations that they belonged to that they thought would help them in their fight for survival. In all cases their pleadings fell on deaf ears.

The Ontario Restaurant Association (ORFA) was contacted. Their response was not what Pub & Bar owners wanted to hear. Their membership was split on what should be done. Many of their membership thought that a ban on smoking in Restaurants was a great idea.

If you think about it, the big chains, as well as most family and fine dining establishments were already smoke-free as this is what "their clientele" wanted. It was also more profitable for these establishments to prohibit smoking in their locations . WHY? Well smoking demands more efficient ventilation, it costs money for ashtrays, it causes burns in carpets, table cloths, clothing, it costs more in cleaning , etc... The end result of this was that the ORFA decided that in overall consideration the smoking ban was good for MOST of their membership at large....

When the Canadian Food and Restaurant Association was contacted the individual owners of Bars & Pubs were told the same thing,... Go away ... we want this ...It's good for MOST of our membership.

The Canadian federation of Independent Business was contacted... Same response...!

So these individual Bar & Pub owners realized they were on their own.

Each individual contacted their councilors, the Mayor, the Council as a whole .... Their concerns fell on DEAF EARS...... The fiasco of the hearing to allow people to voice their concerns was a farce. The council , by their own admission ( and the admission of individual councilors who were polled) had already decided the fate of the Pub & Bar owners of Ottawa. They, in their wisdom had decided it was in their power to determine the financial future of their constituents.

This is why PUBCO came into being: To fight the tyranny of unfair regulations on an industry that until now had no unified voice. This group of individuals realized they had to ban together to fight the oppression of not just the city of Ottawa, on this issue , but on all issues that affected their unique and diverse industry. They realized that the fight was not just here in Ottawa but in all of Ontario; and yes it was happening across Canada as well. This fight would not just be for Ottawa and its PUB & BAR operators but for PUB & Bar operators everywhere.

When this group of individuals got together they quickly realized that the legal issues in question would be limited to the provincial regulations and that each province had been given the right to regulate "Tobacco & Health issues" that affected their constituents. That is why they formed an organization that would address the concerns of the PUB & BAR operators of Ontario.

PUBCO... the abbreviated form that would represent the PUB & BAR COALITION OF ONTARIO was born.... Now we had representation ... Now, WE had a VOICE !!!

After a few meetings of these concerned individuals, the organization PUBCO that now helps not only Bar & Pub operators, but all operators of businesses regulated by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario to protect their unique and distinct issues decided to take the immediate task at hand to heart. We have formed PUBCO to protect and preserve the rights and freedoms of our membership, the rights of not just the operators of our unique industry but also those of our customers and families.

So this is WHO WE ARE and WHY WE ARE.

WE ARE HERE FOR YOU. The PUB and BAR and other operators of businesses licensed by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario affected by not only the smoking prohibition facing all of Ontario but by the other issues that concern our individual industry. Yes that means if you are a restaurant, a vending company, a Bingo Hall, a Golf Course or any other related business you are eligible to join our organization and help protect your rights and freedoms.

Don't delay Join PUBCO today. SAVE YOUR BUTTS !!

Doug Pettit
Vice President, PUBCO.